RFR One Year Anniversary Show

What’s up Refunders?

Can you believe it’s been one year since our first show at Rancho? Wow, time flies when you’re rocking out! 

Naturally, we’re going to celebrate by having another show. And naturally, it’s going to be at Rancho. So, everyone come out and have a great time with us and some other great bands from out east on Aug 22. 

If you’d like more info, here’s a link to Two Way Monologues’ event page:




New vid of “My Gun”

What’s up, Refunders?

Thanks again to everyone who made it out Wednesday night. It was killer. Here’s a video of “My Gun” as a souvenir to those who came and an incentive to those who didn’t. 

Click here for video

You all rock!


Debut EP tracked and sounding awesome

What’s up Refunders?

Last week brought our A-game to Phase One studios and laid down the tracks to our debut EP. With the help of our engineer Michael Jack (The Trews, Rush, Big Sugar) and the crew over at Phase One, we all gave the best performances our six months of die hard prep would allow. This EP is going to sound epic!

Right now the fruit of our labours is being mixed by Michael Jack. Soon we’ll have our baby ready to show to the world. Stay tuned for info on the release. We can guarantee that no one will be returning for a refund.


FREE NIN/SOUNDGARDEN Ticket Giveaway @ The Horseshoe

We’re going to be playing at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Apr. 28. We want to take that opportunity to say thank you to our supporters. So, we’re going to give away a pair of tickets to NIN/Soundgarden. 

Everyone who attends will receive one ticket in the draw to win a free pair of tickets of NIN and Soundgarden at the Molson Amphitheatre this summer. Three tickets will be given with every RFR T-Shirt sold. If you already have an RFR T-shirt, wear it out to the show and you’ll get three tickets as well. The draw will be during the show. 

We play at 10 pm. We’re really excited to be gracing this legendary stage and hope to see the biggest RFR turnout yet.

Join the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/events/291425527680026/


Appearance Toronto Sessions on Rogers TV

Nothing good on tonight? Depressed since Breaking Bad and Dexter called it quits? Well, you can always tune in to Rogers TV tonight and catch some heart pumping, foot stomping rock.

The show airs on Rogers TV in Toronto (ch. 10 or ch. 510) tonight Tue. Jan 21 @ 10PM. It’ll also rerun on Wed. Jan. 22 @ 4PM and Fri. Jan. 24 @ 10PM.

Don’t miss it!

Taking Some Time to Write

In preparation for recording in the new year we’re not going to be doing any shows. We’re going to take a couple months and really fine tune our foot stomping, fist pumping tracks until we have them all just right. Stay tuned for more. 

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Thanks everyone for your continued support,


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